Lesbians deserve more then a fucking toaster for all this shit.

I don’t think this was shopped folks!!!!!  Whoa!!  Like mind just went..

“Women must ask not only what we are fighting against but also what we are fighting for. The destruction of all systems of female oppression and the development of female friendship go hand in hand.”

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““Why can’t we all hold hands and get along?!” will only work as a strategy when half those hands aren’t potentially holding daggers.”

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Dave Twanzphobic Squirrel: Failing to get access to a female-only change room in a gym, with his...


Failing to get access to a female-only change room in a gym, with his penis, this M2T embarks on a ‘human rights’ challenge. It cost the gym owner $150,000 to defend, the M2T withdrew his complaint before the court could rule on the case, leaving the gym owner out of pocket $150k. The M2T risked nothing by this action, but also stood to gain an out of court settlement, had the gym owner caved.

This post on Gender Trender. Watch the video before it gets taken off.

If you hadn’t guessed, yet another late transitioner.

a personal blog: Blaming Women for Male Violence


On particular issue I have with the transgender community is their inability to identify those who commit violence against M2T individuals, and their astounding ability to perpetuate misogyny against women as well as blaming women for condoning this violence by not letting them into women only spaces. In the interest of seeing if the blame of women for transgender related deaths held any water I looked up hate crimes committed by women. There was only one news report that I could find which stated that a woman had murdered a transwoman.

The victim of the Kings Cross tube death on Monday evening has been named as Sonia Burgess, who was a trans woman.

She died after being hit by a tube train during the rush hour.

A 34-year-old woman, Nina Kanagasingham, of Chichele Rd, Cricklewood has been charged with murder. Police said yesterday that the death is not being treated as a hate crime.

[full article at pinknews.co.uk]

Now this article mentions the “gender identity” of the victim- Sonia Burgess, a male to trans human rights lawyer is stated to be a transwoman. However, the perpetrator, Nina Kanagasingham is simply referred to as a woman. The article was out-dated so I took to Google again to find out more information on how the prosecution went. What I found was this.

‘Woman’ accused of transgender Tube murder is actually a MAN undergoing a sex change

A man accused of pushing a transgender human rights lawyer under a Tube train is in the process of becoming a woman, a court heard today.

Unshaven Nina Kanagasingham, 34, of Chichele Road, Cricklewood, north-west London, appeared at the Old Bailey today charged with the murder of David Burgess - also known as Sonia.

This is the first time since his arrest that it has been revealed Kanagasingham is actually a man.

[read full article at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/]

Both Nina Kanagasingham and Sonia Burgess were male. The attempts made by the transgender community to blame women for male violence are a direct threat to preserving the safety of women and women only spaces. This has been just another attempt to blame the persecution of transwomen on actual women, and can be shelved with other nonsense ideas like cis privilege. There is no cis privilege, there is male privilege, and women are not responsible for the widespread persecution of transgender individuals, and should not welcome transwomen into female only spaces. Transwomen are men.

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Illustrator, Designer | Lara Mendes - Since a few years ago, I’ve been learning (by myself) tattooing. It’s a long journey but I’m giving a shot. Lately I’ve been working with an appointment system in a Tattoo Shop so, I’ve been creating original designs to call my customers. These are the last ones.

Okay… this is FUN!!!  It also takes me back to when I was a kid and my Abuelita use take me alllllll the fuck over Mexico visiting relatives w/barely or no electricity and we would actually make shadow puppets at night w/kerosine lamps!!!! 

I didn’t even think anyone even did this anymore!!!  So cool!!!

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nextyearsgirlisaghostnow said: Where was Toni caught photoshopping?

Last week Toni was desperate to convince all of Tumblr that Peakradfem was a “group of TG mods”. Which is total bullshit, but in the mix of multiple responses, the fact that everyone had his IP tracked and responding… he then accidentally posted as Toni. Cathy Brennan has a screencap of the entire scenario.

Is actually quite hilarious and that this attempt w/the lousy photoshop on GNQ is as fucking subtle as size 14 stripper shoes.




Gender Rolls

*sigh* Gender is not black and white…

now it is




Gender Rolls

*sigh* Gender is not black and white…

now it is

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Tampa dykes ready for action after Dee Deberry’s home is firebombed.