Lesbians deserve more then a fucking toaster for all this shit.

Elbow room for misogyny

Reparative Therapy" is a business. And that is very very important to acknowledge. 

It’s based on misogyny. 
THAT is ALSO very important to acknowledge.

People dislike the word misogyny… it’s complicated and makes people defensive. 

If I could find a new word to replace misogyny like — ELBOW — I would.

Elbows don’t get a lot of attention until they look very unattractive, get hurt or in the way. 

Oh??? That actually does work doesn’t??

Zhilly: Izzy wanted to kill himself when he was 5 years old. He didn't want to be a girl.





A translation from holebi.info
The story of Izzy, a boy who wanted to commit suicide when he was only five years old. It’s long, so it’s under a cut.

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THIS story is fucking BULLSHIT! Here is another link

Scroll down ass wipe to the next post on the link. Difficult. I know. Mommy didn’t tell you boys AND girls can do THAT!

I scrolled down, but it was tl;dr when the first story wasn’t over after 2 spins of my scrolling wheel. Are you too stupid to link to a certain post or does mommy have to hold your hand for that? Oh wait, you’re the same person who reads “5 years” as “18 months”. Trololol.

To long to read? LOL!! Jesus H FUCKING Christ on a cracker… I will find you the Dr Seus version and get RIGHT back to you. Please hold your breath… I swear…. brb!

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Zhilly: Izzy wanted to kill himself when he was 5 years old. He didn't want to be a girl.



A translation from holebi.info
The story of Izzy, a boy who wanted to commit suicide when he was only five years old. It’s long, so it’s under a cut.

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THIS story is fucking BULLSHIT! Here is another link

Scroll down ass wipe to the next post on the link. Difficult. I know. Mommy didn’t tell you boys AND girls can do THAT!

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And ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all

Izzy wanted to kill himself when he was 5 years old. He didn’t want to be a girl.


A translation from holebi.info
The story of Izzy, a boy who wanted to commit suicide when he was only five years old. It’s long, so it’s under a cut.

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THIS story is fucking BULLSHIT!  Here is another link


A 18mo old did not want to commit suicide.  DROP the fucking shit. 

LISTEN to the  fucking Dormouse… FEED YOUR HEAD.

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REBLOGED FROM GENDERTRENDER "Transgender Children”: Pathology of childhood is NOT LOVE

Today The Advocate published – uncritically- a glowing excerpt from a book written by a woman who diagnosed her daughter as transgender at the age of eighteen months. The author and parent, Tracie Stratton, describes being disturbed by her tiny infants lack of conformity to socially proscribed sexist feminine gender behaviors for infants.

She diagnosed her daughter as “boyish” and “different” at one year of age.

Hey guess what folks. People should not be examining one year olds for sex role compliance. No matter your politics, your religion, your horrific sexism, your munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, no one should be monitoring a one year old child for sex-role compliance.

But Stratton did. So much though that she claims that before two years of age her daughter was already parotting back to mom: “Me a boy, mama”.

“By eighteen months I knew that this child, my fourth daughter, was different from the first three. In particular, she was very boyish, a characteristic which I had never thought about much before.” Stratton says.

Hey guess what folks. Eighteen month olds do not even know what that means. HUGE red flags. Stratton claims that she “consulted with her pediatrician” about her infant daughter’s troubling “boyishness”. She does not report the result of that consultation. But the fact that she reports it occurred insinuates the deep, profound extent of her parental malaise with her infants non-compliance to infant sex-roles. WHAT? Infant sex-roles?!?! HUGE red flags. One can only speculate that the pediatrician must have been either horrified -or quickly disregarded such concerns as the random mutterings of a possibly somewhat quirky parent. Since Stratton declines to report the outcome of her infant sex-role stereotype “consultation” we can only guess. Whatever the outcome, Stratton remained deeply disturbed about her child at home for two more years before “reconsulting” her physician about her perception that her child was failing at performing toddler femininity. This time she requested a psychiatric intervention to “fix” her daughter’s failure to perform femininity at the level mom required.

It isn’t as unusual as feminists might wish for a parent who is committed to strict sex-role fundamentalism to become disturbed when they perceive their infant child to resist the gender roles the caregiver has tried to inculcate in them. We even saw a toddler in recent years get beaten to death for not complying with socially mandated toddler sex-role behavior.

Stratton did not beat her child to death, but she was extremely disturbed by her infants “gender behavior”, and attempted to correct the infant. After three years the child had (according to the author) already been taught that she was “doing something wrong”. Stratton was determined to correct this “wrongness” in pediatric sex-role behavior and requested and received a psychiatric consult for her child at the age of five.

Stratton does not go into depth about the psychiatric process she subjected her daughter to except to state that the psychiatrist did not see any problem and encouraged mom to let the child be- even if the child turned out to be a dreaded lesbian. Stratton’s reporting of this is interesting. She quotes the psychiatrist “who came with great credentials and was the head of the pediatric psych association here in Oregon” as stating “For God’s sake, just let her be a lesbian.” Fear of lesbianism was clearly on the consult agenda. Stratton found this offensive because for unstated reasons she rejects all of the rigorous recorded scientific evidence that lesbian and gay children tend to be less compliant with sex-role programming at an early age. Perhaps, as seems most likely, she just chaffed at the idea that her daughter was non-compliant and also had a higher than average chance of maturing into a flamingly lesbian adult.

After Stratton’s initial profound distress at her one year old infant’s lack of femininity, and multiple pediatric and psychiatric consultations that all assured her that her daughter was healthy and well, Stratton continued to be so disturbed by her daughter’s perceived “difference” that she rejected all professional advice and her malaise continued to fester on the child, day by day. “I was upset that there was so little help for children like mine, nor did I know of any other children like mine.”

Undaunted in her disregard of the advice of multiple highly regarded pediatric medical and psychiatric professionals (advice to just leave her daughter alone) Stratton states:

‘I then went to an endocrinologist, who drew some blood from Izzy for lab work. When discussing the results, we found that my child had been making both sets of hormones, estrogen and testosterone, in equal parts. We learned that in a child so young, however, hormones can ebb and flow, and that this was not conclusive to anything. So what could we think?”

Oh noez! Still not something “wrong” with her child!

Finally (!) she “consulted the Internet and found a gender therapist, who in turn recommended a child specialist. This specialist, [“super kink/queer friendly”] Cat Pivetti, has been and continues to be our lifesaver, helping us navigate life with an intersexed, transgender child.”

Boy Talk, Girl Talk

Some of the horror:

“So, I started letting Izzy be a boy at home, wearing what- ever clothes he wanted, and playing with whatever toys he chose. Most of these things had previously been removed from our home after some really bad advice from ill-informed “experts.” We had been trying for a while to have everything be “female” around the house, and we even created a special “girls’ club.””

It’s so incredibly sick that anyone would do this to a child. Just let the kid do what she wants! Just leave her alone! How hard is that???

“One day my husband, Izzy’s stepdad Buzz, was having a hard time getting Izzy ready for school. He decided to just let Izzy wear the boys’ shirt with the car on it that day. His message on my phone went something like, “Honey don’t be mad, I know we said not to let Izzy wear boys’ clothes out of the house, but I had to get the kid to school.”

WHY are cars things for sperm producing humans???? WHAT?

Hai. Guess what folks. Cars are not only for people born with testicles and penis! Females like cars TOO! And fluctuating testosterone levels in female children is NOT an intersex condition! If Stratton’s child had an actual intersex condition, she, or her endocrinologist would have named it, instead of stating that things were normal and fine and a-okay! Hello? AND childhood hormonal imbalances (which Stratton’s child apparently does NOT have) are easily correctable, and such conditions have NAMES and demonstrable PATHOLOGIES and are represented in MEDICAL LITERATURE! This child has NO such condition, and even if she did, such a condition has NOTHING to do with socialized sex-role stereotypes at any age MUCH LESS AT ONE YEAR OLD. If Stratton’s child has an endocrinolgical disorder or intersex condition, let her name it! Stratton is deliberately misrepresenting the lived realities and medical challenges of children born with endocrine and reproductive disorders and trying to re-frame sex-stereotype-noncompliance with medical PATHOLOGY. This is an insidious tactic we’ve seen many times before: in the widespread pathologization, medicalization, (including institutionalization, lobotomy and electro-shock “treatments”) of homosexuality.

The transgender lobby, which trans activist Autumn Sandeen has stated succinctly, NEEDS to create “transgender children” to “take the sex out of” the public face of the transgender movement. And the trans lobby is willing to eugenically sterilize children- most of whom would otherwise grow up to be gay and lesbian- to do so.

Gay and lesbian children do NOT have a disorder!

Why is The Advocate providing an uncritical platform to an agenda of pathologizing and medicalizing the behaviors of young children that in majority grow up to be well-adjusted homosexuals? Why is the Advocate uncritically providing a platform for the pre-mature sterilization (via maturity blockers followed by sterilizing cross-sex hormones) of lesbian and gay children? This is the ultimate in pediatric reparative “treatment” of homosexuality, using the methods of the eugenics movement. Lesbians and Gays should be fighting this with every voice, every resource of the gay rights movement.

Here are the proposed diagnosis requirements for pediatric sterilization of lesbian and gay youth as outlined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Americam Psychiatric Association. Children – including infants- who match six of the following eight criteria for a duration of six months will be treated medically as pathological and in need of treatment:

1. a strong desire to be of the other gender or an insistence that he or she is the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender)

2. in boys, a strong preference for cross-dressing or simulating female attire; in girls, a strong preference for wearing only typical masculine clothing and a strong resistance to the wearing of typical feminine clothing

3. a strong preference for cross-gender roles in make-believe or fantasy play

4. a strong preference for the toys, games, or activities typical of the other gender

5. a strong preference for playmates of the other gender

6. in boys, a strong rejection of typically masculine toys, games, and activities and a strong avoidance of rough-and-tumble play; in girls, a strong rejection of typically feminine toys, games, and activities

7. a strong dislike of one’s sexual anatomy

8. a strong desire for the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics that match one’s experienced gender

Who does this describe? This describes Lesbian and Gay children! And “tomboys”. And kids that just reject sexist stereotypes! And kids going through a phase of sex-role experimentation! And kids that have internalized the grave discomfort of sex-role fundamentalist adults that equate behavior with roles assigned according to biological reproduction!

SPEAK OUT NOW. Stop this new eugenics trend. Support children who defy traditional sex-role stereotypes. Say NO to gender! And say it widely and loudly and NOW. This “transgender children” epoch will be written in history as a criminal medical human rights epidemic based on sexism and homophobia.

The title of Stratton’s book excerpt is “Mother of Transgender Toddler Gets Lesson In Love”. Word up: Conformity to sex role stereotypes is NOT LOVE! Medically implanting pharmaceutical MATURITY BLOCKERS in non-compliant children is NOT LOVE! Placing infants on a pathology tract towards corrective sterilization to promote stereotype conformity IS NOT LOVE!


“What is harder for the nonpoor to see is poverty as acute distress: The lunch that consists of Doritos or hot dog rolls, leading to faintness before the end of the shift. The “home” that is also a car or a van. The illness or injury that must be “worked through,” with gritted teeth, because there’s no sick pay or health insurance and the loss of one day’s pay will mean no groceries for the next. These experiences are not part of a sustainable lifestyle, even a lifestyle of chronic deprivation and relentless low-level punishment. They are, by almost any standard of subsistence, emergency situations. And that is how we should see the poverty of so many millions of low-wage Americans—as a state of emergency.”


Barbara Ehrenreich, Nickel and Dimed (via itsnevertoolatte)

Yes, this. You are constantly weighing everything. I will give up food today to have bus fare tomorrow. I won’t buy a secondhand coat because utilities are due. I can’t call in sick no matter how bad it gets because if I lose my job I have nothing. It goes on and on. It is relentless.

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And even when you do your best to control the shit you can, outside forces are always ready to sink your ship.

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I literally can’t understand how members of the Tumblr transhappy crowd can say stuff like “wearing a dress and playing with a doll comes naturally to this person, so this person is obviously a girl!” and then get angry that radical feminists reject their politics out of hand. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The band Sublime who use to play a block down my street in Long Beach, CA has OUTED me as a recovering libfem

My name is Dyksfunctional. I am a recovering Libfem. I am 10yrs on this train and I still don’t have it right.

I WISH I was recovered. I do!!! I totally respect Radfems!!! They are AMAZING!!! They walk the fucking talk!!! I think way to many people ID as RF and… they couldn’t get through 30days of radfem lent.

Don’t say bitch even subliminally… RF goddess knows.

So… I am in eternal RF purgatory. Every bitch that pasts my lips…. another month of libfem hell.

I hope to get there before I die tho. NO BITCHES in HEAVEN!!

I’m not sure I have as much faith in me as some of my RF friends. But they are actually much more understanding then the libfems.

Anyway…. one of my LIBFEM GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS CAROL PAST… visited me today.

I knew the band Sublime back when I was stationed in Long Beach, CA before any of you were even born. I have CASSETTES of their music. CASSETTES. My Phils grew up listening to them. Nono today confronted me w/ the lyrics of “Caress me down”. She read the translation. She was shocked.

I have been playing that song FOR WELL over TEN FUCKING YEARS.

All I want to say is…. don’t think you got it all right. Cause you don’t. We can be close. We know a dick when it’s dick… but pointing out the obvious doesn’t make you fucking Raymond, Hooks, Lorde or Daly. 

Okay… so I have been delegated as the “new” official CG gear hookup. There has been a dozen of you so don’t look guiltyl It’s okay. I don’t blame you. It’s not easy to find.

And who wouldn’t want a Coast Guard Alaska Tshirt??? Nono [[3rd philistine girl]] gave away, 2 COAST GUARD ALASKA tshirts and I witnessed two hard core dykes melt.
If you are not hooked up w/as a VA or have a VA connection there is some GREAT CG stuff at Cafepress.  

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Now… if you are looking for some “OFFICIAL” CG gear… suck up to my Philistines. I can only breed the little things… Even Rose Kennedy only had so much power.